NIX Solutions answers: Why do we need CRM systems?

In today’s competitive environment, it is very important to find the right approach to customers. But in a large flow of information is quite difficult to please everyone. For this, modern CRM systems were created. In this article, together with we will give you a basic, yet comprehensive understanding what CRMs are.

What are CRM systems?

CRM or Customer Relationship Management  is a business management program that helps increase profits, reduce costs and speed up application processing.

A CRM system is needed to build a competent dialogue with the client: it allows you to avoid mistakes and, as a result, the client can order more products.

CRM includes programs:

  • collecting customer data,
  • transaction management,
  • control over managers,
  • analytics and forecasting.

What does CRM look like?

In essence, CRM is an Excel spreadsheet with a gigantic customer base. You can listen to calls, see the purchase history, send emails and sms, set tasks for employees and much more in the system.

When a customer calls, the system offers to open their card where the name and all previous customer orders are visible. Further, the system itself will remind of the meeting or the status of the order.

There are many CRM systems on the market today, which differ in a set of functions, the ability to integrate with other services and the flexibility of settings. At NIX Solutions, we work with SalesForce, as this CRM offers its users numerous advantages.

Key features of CRM programs

  • Fixing the history of relationships with all existing and potential customers of the company
  • Scheduling and setting tasks for the day
  • Automatically generated online reports
  • Integration with mail, social networks, SMS and Email, telephony
  • Financial management
  • Service Cost Counter
  • Business process automation

Thus, CRM performs operational routine tasks: it creates documents and online reports, generates the necessary tasks, sends an email to customers, using the built-in calculator calculates the cost of services, reminds you of important dates and automatically performs the necessary actions (for example, invoices for payment or extends contract).

Ultimately, CRM helps to improve the quality of customer service, increase sales and improve the reputation in the market as a whole. CRM also saves the manager’s time, since they spend significantly less time monitoring employees and the overall sales plan.

Now on the market there are many CRM systems: Bitrix24, EnvyboxamoCRMMegaplanMySkladWireCRMretailCRMEnvyCRMEadeskSalesForce and others.