NIX Solutions answers: Why Businesses Introduce CRM Systems?

More and more companies are using industry-specific IT solutions to increase sales and employee productivity. This is due to the ever-growing competition and battle for each client. Surely you have heard that one of the best solutions for working with clients is a CRM system. This application software contains the world’s best practices for working with clients in any segment (B2C, B2B). In addition to working with sales, you get the opportunity to automate key processes, receive detailed reporting, combine all communication channels with a client in a single interface. This is only part of the TOP opportunities that CRM provides to the business.

While seeing real successful implementation cases of CRM, modern business seeks to repeat and sometimes improve the result, thereby increasing interest in this type of system. Also, vendor companies (developers of CRM solutions) already have in-depth expertise in software applications in various fields. It makes the implementation project more understandable and predictable in terms of costs.

Key CRM Features

We have already said that CRM is primarily a reference interaction with a client and a focus on sales, but what else can a business get by implementing this solution? Together with BIN, NIX Solutions has collected several key functions that will give impetus to the development of any business area:

  • A detailed customer base with segmentation capabilities will help to work with the audience more efficiently. Segmentation for various marketing activities, personal interaction through trigger letters increase customer engagement.
  • Sales funnel is the best tool for working with long sales (corporate segment). Get customers to the top of the funnel through marketing and grow them until the deal. At each stage, the leader can assess the situation and adjust the strategy of the transaction.
  • Built-in marketing and service tools. Measure the effectiveness of online and offline events with CRM tools. The information obtained will help reduce the cost of new leads and eliminate inefficient advertising campaigns. Using CRM, you can build a customer service center with the fastest support service.
  • Detailed analytics and access 24/7. All reporting on the work is generated and presented in graphical form, which makes it possible to assess the situation and the volume of current sales quickly. Since most CRMs work through a WEB browser, you get access 24/7 from a PC or mobile device. The only thing you need for work is access to the Internet.