NIXsolutions: Salesforce Launches Business Online Cinema

The developer of the Salesforce CRM system announced the launch of an online cinema for watching videos and series about the business. It will feature original series from the company, podcasts and other programs.

NIX Solutions’ Salesforce Implementation Services

Salesforce hopes to use the service as a marketing tool to help people improve their skills and attract customers to their other products.

Original programs, podcasts and customer-generated content will be available free of charge on the platform. To launch the service, the company has hired 50 leading editors, screenwriters and broadcast producers, writes VC.

Salesforce has built its own studio and directed six TV shows. The company also launched four channels for broadcasting events. The platform will be available in September, says NIXSolutions.

According to marketing director Sarah Franklin, the company has no plans to offer or charge advertising. The success of the platform will be measured by the number of free followers and views.

Viewers will be able to customize what content to watch depending on the industry or topic of interest. For example, it could be a video about sales, financial services, or AI.

The first to have access to the platform will be those who register for the Dreamforce conference, which will be held in September 2021.