NIX Solutions reports: Analysts Name the Possible Jobs of the Former Salesforce Head

Analysts at RBC Capital have named the three most likely companies that former Salesforce CEO Keith Block could go into.

According to experts, Block is likely to get a job at Workday, a company developing financial and personnel management software.

“Workday not only has a comprehensive portfolio of non-competing Salesforce products. The company offers a lot of the same situation that Kit Block inherited when he joined Salesforce seven years ago,” the RBC report said.

The block may also return to Oracle, although NIX Solutions‘ experts believe that this is “extremely unlikely.” After more than 25 years at Oracle, Keith Block left the company in 2013 to join Salesforce as president and vice chairman of the board.

Analysts also suggest that the former head of Salesforce could begin a career in the cloud company Amazon Web Services. The company could benefit from his experience in sales management in the competition with Microsoft Azure.

“Given that Microsoft Azure is increasingly joining the competition and working in the IaaS market, we believe Amazon Web Services can make good use of its arrival as part of an increasingly vertical and applied strategy that is more familiar to companies from the Fortune 500 list,” RBC says.