NIX Solutions’ 5 reasons to invest in CRM software

Customers are at the center of every business in any industry. Many business owners strive to use reliable customer relationship management strategies (CRM).

A high-quality CRM system with a diverse set of functions allows you to get to know your customers much better than traditional contact management methods and correctly organize sales and customer service processes at the same time.

CRM software helps developing and maintaining strong customer relationships. But what are the reasons that force entrepreneurs to use CRM systems? These reasons, formulated by, are analyzed and disclosed below.

What is CRM software?

According to the definition of the analytical company Soware, CRM is a digital tool for organizing customer service throughout the entire life cycle of a client.

A CRM system is a centralized platform for collecting and storing all data about your customers in one place to help your sales team (or customer service team) stay up to date with all customer interactions, ensuring the integrity and transparency of information within the team.

According to The Rockefeller Corporation, 82% of customers leave, believing that their needs are not cared for enough. The UVK system can help you make it easier to increase customer satisfaction and increase team productivity.

From small systems rented over the Internet (SaaS) to large on-premises enterprise installations, CRM software can meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses. There are system options for NPOs.

The data collected by Forrester Research showed that a properly implemented CRM system can provide a staggering 245% return on investment for a business. This data shows how important computer CRM tools are for business. Probably because of the proven high return on investment, the use of CRM systems by the current 2020 has already become the norm for business.

Below are a few more important reasons that will help to constructively evaluate the benefits of equipping a business with a CRM system.

Automatic data entry

Getting customer information scattered in different places spends your time. The lack of a centralized database limits the productivity of your team. If your employees use old or inaccurate data, it can significantly affect the effectiveness of all market activities: marketing analysis, promotion, sales and customer service.

You can store all your data in one place with a CRM system. Information is updated in real time, stored in the cloud (or on your server) and is available to every user of the system.

Having a reliable CRM system helps you and your employees automate data entry. Moreover, it allows sales, marketing and customer support professionals to access the same information, as everyone works on the same centralized data source.

Each user authorized by you can easily get information from the database with just a few clicks. Employees can exchange data individually and use them in various marketing campaigns.

The most advanced CRM software uses intelligent duplicate verification tools that help you combine duplicate contact records in your database.

Forecasting and smart reporting

Obviously, it is important to be aware of the potential revenue that your business can receive in the foreseeable future. Without revenue forecasts, it is difficult to make informed decisions about the development of your business.

CRM-system takes care of all your information-analytical needs for reporting. Using the Customer Relationship Management system, you can easily track the number of open commercial initiatives, the effectiveness of your campaigns, etc.

The accurate data is built from the bottom up on the basis of actual records and allows you to accurately assess and predict future income. You can also create and plan personalized reports that contain only the information that is most relevant and important to you. Reports in the UVK System allow you to constantly monitor the health of your business so that it can grow continuously and steadily.

Increased labor productivity

You need a system that allows your employees to exchange information with each other when they collaborate (of course, within the limits of access rights to this information). Lack of information sharing can be detrimental to organizational productivity and effectiveness.

A reliable CRM solution allows you to collaborate and share documents, important data and knowledge, as well as automate many processes that would otherwise be performed manually (and in the worst case, not performed at all).
As a result, productivity improves, processes are optimized, and more time appears to complete a wider range of important tasks.

Improved Communication

According to Ovum, 75% of customers stop doing business with the company after receiving unsuccessful experience in interaction. CRM can help you establish high-quality customer interactions by providing technically all communication with them through multiple channels and maintaining a history of communication with each client.

Sometimes a client has to start communicating with a new representative of your company, different from the one to which the client is used to. For example, when a representative of your team leaves and the other takes on customer support. In the presence of guaranteed client data and interaction history tracked in the system, another representative can pick up cases on the developed client on the fly.
The same logic applies to combining data from several different communication channels. Thanks to the CRM software product, you can see in a single chronology communication with the client on all channels: by phone, by mail and from chats. UVK software will help to solve these problems after some configuration.

Most CRM systems can store each client’s communication history. And advanced software products will also allow you to quickly extract all available information and identify problem areas that customers face.

Task Automation

Transformation of a potential client (lead) into a regular buyer includes many routine tasks that require professional execution. If business operations are carried out by many specialists, then you need to use reports, deal with various problems that arise and make sure that each problem is solved correctly. While all of these tasks are vital to your business, they are time consuming.
A powerful CRM solution will automate all these everyday tasks. According to Cloudswave, while using CRM, the lead cost is reduced by an average of 23%. Automating routine tasks saves time and allows your team to focus on more important and intellectually capacious activities.


Nowadays it is very difficult to remain competitive without CRM and almost every business owner today needs a CRM system to increase efficiency and profit. Integrated CRM software will help employees automate tasks, receive information and optimize all business operations related to customers.

But the market today already has a huge range of systems, and the key to success is to choose the best CRM software to meet the unique needs and requirements of your business. At NIX Solutions we know how to help you with such issue.