NIX Solutions’ Opinion: 2020 Trends in CRM Marketing. Learning to Change Every Day

Such a period of global change in our memory has not yet happened. And it certainly will not. POSTER (part of Russia Direct Group of Companies), as an agency of marketing communications and CRM solutions, is primarily interested in the CRM segment, of course. And we decided to look in the near future – the way it will become for Russian players.

Every hour we get new introductory ones, including those related to the market of marketing services. Just the other day we saw a lightning reaction of the organizers of professional conferences and theatrical productions to the ban on holding mass events. Today, our colleagues are already offering a free trial period for using CRM systems for the quarantine period.

Let’s try to make a forecast and consider several trends for 2020.

“Ideological” trends

  1. More and more companies are oriented to independently maintain a CRM system after implementation, using exclusively internal resources. They invest more in staff training and technology adaptation to the needs of their company. Agencies will have to put up with this. As an option, they can select a set of unique offers for each client, which will still be beneficial to outsource.
  2. We will observe artificial intelligence and maximum automation of processes in order to increase ROI and increase system efficiency. Now, these concepts will be not just a beautiful application for your system, but a necessity to optimize processes and reduce costs.
  3. Focus on hyper-personalized communication. To do this, agencies need to collect more and more information about consumers: expanding socio-demographic data, tracking purchases and refusals from them, social activity, interests and attitudes to various events and phenomena (ecology, gender equality, attitude to marriage, etc.).
  4. A single unified CRM of the company. In our opinion, all the goals and objectives of the company or brand should be concentrated in one system. This will allow you to systematize big data and ultimately conduct global analytics.
  5. More and more companies are switching to a licensing model, which involves constant updating and expansion of functionality. It gives the most complete picture of the value of consumers and the capabilities of a particular company to meet their expectations.

Tactical Trends

  1. CRM is becoming more and more social, as the connection with social media is becoming closer. This will help to understand and manage consumer experience better.
  2. CRM will become more and more user-friendly, as the number of people in contact with the CRM system is growing.
  3. More integration through more data and communication sources.
  4. But at the same time, companies are trying to make channel-less CRM. This does not mean that there will be fewer communication channels, it will be more centralized.

Speaking of some global changes, it is worth learning a new mantra, its name is “online”. Time is accelerating, and CRM marketing players need to adapt as quickly as possible to new conditions and learn to look into the future. All communications in the current situation are transferred from offline to online, and, in the opinion of NIX Solutions company, this trend will not only continue, but will become our new reality for the coming years.