NIX Solutions: AI Impact on Salesforce Stocks

Analysts at Morgan Stanley foresee a significant impact on the performance of American artificial intelligence giant Salesforce, attributing it to advancements in AI technology, as reported by Bloomberg.

NIX Solutions

Projected Growth and Target Price

Despite a remarkable 96% surge in Salesforce shares this year, experts suggest that there’s still room for further growth. To illustrate, the new target price set by Morgan Stanley stands at $350. This projection anticipates a 34% surge in the company’s stock value over the next 12 months, potentially surpassing the previous historical high set in 2021.

AI’s Influence Beyond Stock Surges

While AI’s influence on certain companies’ stocks is evident, its broader impact extends to aiding investors in selecting securities for maximum profitability, notes NIX Solutions. A prime example of this integration is the Finam AI-screener service. This platform offers six distinct AI forecasts, leveraging a decade’s worth of historical data. It empowers users to scrutinize over 50 security metrics for comprehensive analysis before executing trades.