NIXsolutions: Adjust Partners with Salesforce

Adjust has announced a partnership with Salesforce AppExchange, which provides common customers with a more complete picture of the consumer journey and helps them make informed marketing decisions. The first integration will be launched with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud), states NIXsolutions.


The integration will start with the launch of the Marketing Cloud service. Adjust’s deep linking technologies allow customers to build a logical user journey from email to application. Through this link, valuable measurement data can be collected to increase installs, profits, and user lifetime value (LTV).

Adjust’s Salesforce-powered app promotion solutions are now available on the AppExchange, says AppTractor.

Marketers are offered the following options:

  • Measure and analyze the sources of user acquisition, as well as information about their interaction with the application after installation.
  • The ability to place mobile and Smart TV (Connected TV) hotspots in the user’s journey, collecting them in one place – and tracking subscriptions will help to accurately attribute data.
  • Automation of campaign workflows.
  • Marketing budgets are safe from mobile performance marketing fraud, and apps are protected from bots.

Initial integration for mailing lists with the ability to analyze attributions will help brands optimize campaigns and increase user activity in the application. It also paves the way for further collaboration between Adjust and the Marketing Cloud that will add strategic value to both platforms.